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08-06-2011 16:18

Food integrity is becoming increasingly important; authenticity, origin of food, geographical location (terroir), traceability and security and safety of food production requires new diagnostic tools and implementation of new information systems.

CHILL-ON at FrioTrack

2011-01-04 14:36

CHILL-ON results were presented during a seperate session under the umbrella of the FrioTrack conference in Barcelona on 18th November 2010.

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What is Traceability?

Value traceability is defined as “the use of tracking and tracing systems and processes to match the incoming product attributes to outgoing product requirements for the purpose of improving profitability in one or more segments of the agro-food chain".

Traceability has been an essential part of quality assurance for a long time, and is built into the ISO 9000 family of quality standards. But even with the advent of vast desktop computing power, tracing product history has remained a labour-intensive and error prone process. That’s all about to change as we enter the era of smart, connected products the - Pervasive Internet era. In fact, new techniques, applications, and standards for product history will be among the most>powerful business changes brought about by networked sensing and control.

There are some generic concepts involved in traceability in food supply chains, which can in theory also specifically help participants in the chilled/frozen food chain to comply with legislative needs. However in practice these are not commonly applied because they are not integrated in a user friendly, cost-effective way for easy application in that particular context. Partners in the supply chain do not implement isolated traceability systems, unless these have an added value to their business. Traceability comprises both tracking, and upstream (where from) and downstream (where used/ where to) tracing (see Fig.1 below).

Combining the legislative requirements with the continuous need for information management to improve price/performance, gives the input for a cost-effective value traceability system throughout the whole supply chain. Value adding components needed being: Decision Support System (DSS) and electronic Supply Chain Management (eSCM).

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